Friday, November 28, 2008

Lime Greeeeen

I absolutely love beaded cuffs. It's something about the way the glass beads are woven together to create a fabric. I haven't gotten around to making a really large cuff yet. I've found myself sticking to smaller projects with picot edges instead. I found one by Miamiamia Designs that I absolutely love. I love the combination of lime green (my favorite color!), stripes, and circles. Not to mention it looks retro. I seem to like retro things now. My mom complains that I wasn't even around when it was originally popular, but whatever!

This has nothing to do with beadwork...but I finally got a jeweler's saw and some blades. I've had a sheet of copper sitting around just waiting to get cut up! I can't wait! I have so many ideas. I've been really interested in working with resin lately and want to incorporate the two together. The only "tools" I'm missing now are a torch and a kiln. Both of which I don't think the landlord would appreciate me having...especially since I only have minimal experience with them!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! If you purchase anything from my Etsy shop and mention this post, I will give you free shipping! (just notify me before checkout to avoid a tangle!)(good until Christmas)


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