Friday, August 28, 2009

Busy Bee!

I've finally made enough pendants to fill my shop to normal capacity again! Here's a cool collage of all the goodies that are now available (or soon to be available) in my shop! Notice I've added some cuff links to the mix so your geeky guy can get his geek on!

Oh, and don't forget to get them now while they are 15% off (use code "back to school" at checkout)!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to School Blitz!

The Etsy Twitter Team is having a Back to School Blitz! I am offering 15% off my items. When you check out, write "back to school" in the message to seller box. Pay as usual. When I receive your order, I will send a refund for 15% of your purchase. I'll also be keeping track of my sales for the 2 weeks so that 10% of that can be used to buy school supplies for children in need. I've already begun to collect school supplies to donate to Staples by filling an entire box! I mean, a whole box! I've gotten over 50 folders, packs of filler paper, 66 zillion pens (yes, zillion :P), 6 protractors, a really cool scientific calculator (I love rebates!), crayons, glue, scissors, and colored pencils for the artsy kids, and a lot of notebooks. I've made it kind of a challenge for myself to see how much I can get with a small budget by following the sales. Check back on September 8 to see all of the goodies I will be donating! Also take a look at the Etsy Twitter Blog to see what other sales are going on as part of this event!

I'll be returning to school September 7 too (Yes,I'll be at school on labor day)! It will be my last quarter (10 weeks + finals week) before I graduate with a bachelors in chemistry! Soon, I'll be looking around at colleges to apply to for graduate school. Sometime during the back to school event, I'll be putting together a post for the Etsy Twitter team about applying to college and what to expect in college. Keep an eye out if you are a teen or a parent because I'll have the honest look at all of that (I'm not being paid by a college, lol) as well as helpful advice about anything I can think of that will help nervous teens and parents.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Return of the Tomatoes!

In an earlier post(<-- click to see!), I showed photos of my tomato and pepper plants. That was about 6 weeks ago. Now look at them! They are GIGANTIC! I measured, from the soil level, them to be just over 5 feet tall. I had to bring out ye olde closet rod since it was the only thing long (too long actually) enough to hold up the plants.
My peppers are coming along nicely too. They are about the size of my fist right now. I'm interested to see what color they turn since I bought a seed pack that had green, red, orange, purple, and white peppers in the mix.

Out of the ten or so cosmos seeds I planted, two of them actually sprouted. One finally bloomed and it's a cheery orange color!

Last, but not least, my petunias are going nuts as well and there are purple and white blooms everywhere! I thought my hibiscus would have bloomed by now, but there is a bud ready to pop in about a week.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Etsy is Awesome!

I had Beth of BPR Designs make a custom soap dish for me. The package arrived today and it was awesome! The soap dish is absolutely beautiful (and didn't sit without soap for long).

The package came with a really cute glass dragonfly magnet. Can you tell I love lime green?

Even more goodies were tucked inside with samples of soap from Lost River Rags and Candle Lights. You should check both shops out!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Welcome to Miami

A couple of weeks ago, I flew down to Florida (from Central NY) to visit my boyfriend's cousins (and do some sightseeing). It's been more than 12 years since I've been to Florida, so it was basically all new to me! We stayed in Pompano beach and drove to Orlando, Miami, Key Biscayne, and Key West. I had great fun with my new camera since it can take under water photos (those are coming...)! Here are a few from driving through Miami.

Really cool building!

This one was really cool just because it looks like it's wrapped in a rainbow!

I was having fun with some longer exposures...

This has nothing to do with Miami, but I thought it looked cool! After being on vacation, I had a bunch of Resin Kits to send out!