Sunday, April 05, 2009

Craft Show!

I have been so busy lately that I haven't posted in over a week! I'm really excited about doing craft shows at Spot Coffee in Rochester, NY! I was there last weekend and I've been there this weekend, and I'll be going tonight! I'm about to burn out between this and my school work. However, it's a lot of fun and I really enjoy doing shows and meeting other area crafters.

At RIT, I've just started doing research with Dr. Chris Collison. Without giving away too much, I'm studying the interactions of carbon nanotubes. It's pretty exciting stuff, and it may just be the topic of my graduate studies, since I'm still in the process of looking at schools and figuring out what I want to do for the next 5 years!

Here's a new one! I had extra fun with my Dremel tool on this one!

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Baroness Bijoutery said...

Love that new piece..You need to find a little time for yourself, remember to relax once in awhile.