Sunday, June 28, 2009


I'm determined to get a decent crop of tomatoes and peppers this year! I live in an apartment complex, so my options only include planting in pots. I have some things planted in the lawn outside of my terrace but I don't think those are supposed to be there...

Anyway, last year I harvested all of 7 grape tomatoes. I've switched things around this year in hopes of getting a better return. I have larger pots, better soil, and more plants. Probability alone says I should get at least 21 grape tomatoes! Everything is already flowering. I'm hoping to get a pepper this year.

I'm pretty proud of my 2 foot tall plants! Unfortunately, my parents aren't having as much luck. Chipmunks apparently love tomato plants. They have planted at least 2 separate tomato crops due to the insatiable appetite of the chipmunk family!

All of my houseplants are outside and loving the humidity. My hibiscus should bloom in a month or so. I can't wait to photograph that!

Keep an eye on my blog - I'll be releasing more photos and details on an up coming sale and giveaway!

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chinamommy said...

wow, i came over to thank you for following MY blog & am so glad i did! LOVE yours & can't wait to go see your etsy store too!
Good luck w/ the veggie's- my hubbie did a monster garden this year & has already killed more lawn for next year... :)