Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Listings!

I promise...I do still have a blog! I've just graduated from RIT with a degree in chemistry, while working 2 part time jobs, running my Etsy shop, and doing craft shows every weekend. Unfortunately, blogging was at the back of my mind through all of that!

Now I'm working part-time until I go to graduate school. I would like do do research on organic photo voltaic devices (solar cells). I'll spare you the gory detail :) This leaves me a lot more time to do things like blog and craft. Yay!

This is one the newest additions to my line of circuit jewelry. It is all sterling silver, including the chain, so it has a very feminine, delicate feel. There's still time to ship for the holidays too.

Soon, I'll be sharing my awesome Artbeads finds and what I've made with their sterling silver and glasss beads and components.

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