Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to School Blitz!

The Etsy Twitter Team is having a Back to School Blitz! I am offering 15% off my items. When you check out, write "back to school" in the message to seller box. Pay as usual. When I receive your order, I will send a refund for 15% of your purchase. I'll also be keeping track of my sales for the 2 weeks so that 10% of that can be used to buy school supplies for children in need. I've already begun to collect school supplies to donate to Staples by filling an entire box! I mean, a whole box! I've gotten over 50 folders, packs of filler paper, 66 zillion pens (yes, zillion :P), 6 protractors, a really cool scientific calculator (I love rebates!), crayons, glue, scissors, and colored pencils for the artsy kids, and a lot of notebooks. I've made it kind of a challenge for myself to see how much I can get with a small budget by following the sales. Check back on September 8 to see all of the goodies I will be donating! Also take a look at the Etsy Twitter Blog to see what other sales are going on as part of this event!

I'll be returning to school September 7 too (Yes,I'll be at school on labor day)! It will be my last quarter (10 weeks + finals week) before I graduate with a bachelors in chemistry! Soon, I'll be looking around at colleges to apply to for graduate school. Sometime during the back to school event, I'll be putting together a post for the Etsy Twitter team about applying to college and what to expect in college. Keep an eye out if you are a teen or a parent because I'll have the honest look at all of that (I'm not being paid by a college, lol) as well as helpful advice about anything I can think of that will help nervous teens and parents.


Alicia Istanbul said...

Good luck with your project! It's great of you to put together such a meaningful donation.

mommyholly said...

That is a FABULOUS idea... good for you! Having a child in elementary school this year opened my eyes to HOW MANY kids go without these much needed supplies! I try to bring things into the class each week when I find things on sale! Good luck with your sales, xoxox! -Holly