Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life in General

I have been so busy! I'm a full time student, taking my last quarter of classes before graduating in November with a bachelors in chemistry. I'm also working at Xerox on a research project, and I'm working for my research adviser at school, plus I'm running my Etsy shop and doing craft shows! I'm signed up to do craft shows for the next 4 weekends in a row. Crazy! I know :)

I just brought my plants inside the other day for fear that I would forget to bring them in before a frost. To my surprise, one of them was flowering! Any guesses as to what plant it is?

A bug was also the source of my amusement. He was just sitting on a stop sign post.

The Etsy Twitter Team will be having a homecoming event October 8-11. I'll be running a special deal so if you want in on the sweet sale, check out the BLOG.

1 comment: said...

That fly shot is spectacular--I love the way you caught the rainbow coloring of the wings!