Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beadweaving Bliss

I've been on quite the beadweaving kick lately. Plus I've been having a bit of fun playing with new techniques. The first is an "orb" pendant I made using a method developed by Gill Slone (B&B). It is made with size 15s, size 11 delicas, and Swarovski crystal bicones.

I also tried to make a beaded ring. It's a little lumpy, and not so round (more triangular-square-ish) but it makes for a neat frame for crystal.

I'm still on a rivoli kick, so I had to make something a little more substantial than just a pendant. I made a whole necklace!

Finally, I decided to give the Cellini spiral a shot since I've been ogling over the technique for a while now. I combined it with some Swarovski crystal (of course!) and here's the result...


Chelsea said...

Nice work! I like the use of Swarovski blog!


Plantress said...

very nice. I am your new follower

Anonymous said...
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