Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow + Rainbows

The other day, it took me about an hour to get home, when the commute is usually just 20 minutes. The culprit? A lovely burst of lake-effect snow that started an hour before rush hour. The news stations all went crazy delivering stories from the locals. Some said it was a complete white-out in places. See, it really wasn't that bad, but our several week streak of decent weather and highs almost reaching 50 had people thinking winter was over in the middle of January. Haha!

So, I bring you excellent cheerful-rainbow-y-goodness to bust those winter blues! Even if your winter low is 65, you can still enjoy these awesome Etsy finds!

Here's an awesome gadget cozy from The Rainbow Room. It's handmade using felt, and can be custom made to fit your device.

If you'd rather wear a rainbow, Clara has made these cute rainbow brooches with wool felt.

Here are some amazing handmade glass beads. The first is called "Fire Waves."

Michael makes these beads using a variety of Moretti/Effetre, Lauscha and Uroboros glass. Here's another titled "Rainbow Swirls."

There you go! Hopefully these will take your eyes away from the weather man (or not) who is telling me it will be 13 today. :)


The Rainbow Room said...

Thanks so much for the feature on your blog, it's lovely to think that i can cheer up those dreary winter days : )

Creative Minds said...

The rainbows are so cute!

Gremlina said...

what a cheerful post!

Fatally Cute said...

Those beads are really cool.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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