Friday, January 30, 2009

Etsy Artist Features

I believe I have made it known that I love bright tropical things. I even went as far as to paint a mural in my bedroom growing up where all of the walls were covered in palm trees, beaches, waterfalls, animals, and flowers. Luckily, I had a 15 foot wall on one side for a full sized palm tree! But, for some reason, I also love wolves. I've always been partial to dogs but something about a wolf has me drawn in. I went searching through Etsy one day for wolves to see what I could come up with and I found two amazing artists.

Valerie of Greendogs has wonderful notecards. Her profile has an important message:

My hope is that these wolf dog images will help to dispel some of the negative myths, & promote something positive for these amazing animals. For some of us it is the only glimpse we will ever get, of the treasured, disappearing, wolf.

Wolf dogs are in a misunderstood limbo between wild animal & household pet, not fitting in anywhere & difficult to adopt out. Many of them are put to sleep as soon as they turn up at local animal shelters, as well as many dogs that have very little or no wolf in them at all, are put down simply because they have a similar likeness, or look “wolfey”.

There is also stunning photography on her blog! I strongly encourage you to check it out!

Another artist I found is Kathleen of Ladyhawk1. She loves to paint animals. It shows in the beauty of her art. My favorite item in her shop is, of course, a double matted print of a wolf.

I also love that she made mini works of art by converting her prints into scrabble tile pendants.
You can visit her blog here for more wonderful art!

All I can say is I just love these items and keep up the great work!


Audrey said...

Those are amazing!! I love the top pic.

Kathleen Coy said...

Thank you so much for featuring me, Amanda! And wow, I love Valerie's notecards. I did a commissioned portrait of a beautiful wolf dog two years ago (half timber wolf, half White Shepard) and got to spend some time with him to take reference photos and get a feel for his personality. That dog was the most charming and intelligent dog I've ever met! There was no question in his mind that he was our equal.

WolfeWoman said...

What a nice surprise to find you have just posted about wolves. Wolfe is my last name and we all send each other things with wolves, so thanks! I especially love the pendant on a scrabble tile with the wolf portrait.

Grace said...

wow, amazing artwork!

Megan said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am LOVING your circuit board jewelery. I'm a scientist also (geologist) so I love that you have managed to incorporate some science into your art!

Jess said...

Such great pics!! whatta gorgious animal!

esque said...

Great wolf pictures! What a majestic animal!


Just another day in paradise said...

I love meeting new artists. Great piece.

Just another day in paradise said...

I love meeting new artists. Great piece.

BeadsForever said...

Very interesting! I don't have your passion for wolves, but we did see one very closeup in the wilderness of Alaska and I was glad I was in my car.