Sunday, January 18, 2009

I've been tagged!

Fellow Blogger and Etsian Gabriel Girl tagged me through one of my comments. Here is what I'm supposed to do:

Here are the rules -
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So, you want to know seven random things? Take this!

1. My parents force fed me vegetables as a child so that I would grow up and enjoy them. It worked for the most part. For some reason, I still can’t find a way to like brussels sprouts, spinach, or beets.

2. When I was about 7 years old, one of my aunts gave me a box of seed beads because she was having problems using them. Being that young, I was more mesmerized by the color then what they could actually be used for. It wasn’t until after her death when I was 9 that I started using them and discovering the awesomness of beadweaving. Trust me, though, I don’t think you really want to see what I came up with!

3. As a result of said beadweaving, beads and supplies and all sorts of things began building nests and armies in my carpet. It’s no surprise that I’ve stepped on at least 5 needles as a kid. One of my friends suffered the wrath of one of my needles. Her mother had to come over to comfort her and take the needle out. From that day on, my parents always referred to her (even in her presence) as Needlefoot.

4. In the past 3 years I have lived in 4 different places. I guess it’s not as surprising when I say that I’m an undergraduate student. I lived at home, transferred to the dorms, back home, then to an off-campus house, and then into an apartment. I’m hoping to stay at the apartment for at least another year and a half. I’m not looking forward to moving heaps of stuff (kind way of putting it) again!

5. Last time I checked, I was 5’9.” I like being tall but I hate looking for clothes that are long enough and skinny enough. ¾ sleeves rest on the inside of my elbows and if I’m lucky, a t-shirt will just come to my jeans. I must say that it is nice that “long” things are in style now so they fit great!

6. I’m a very messy person and I procrastinate (like right now, I should be working on the presentation I have to give tomorrow). But, I absolutely love it when I get into “cleaning mode” and everything gets clean, organized, and spotless. It’s like that right now. I give it another week before I mess it up again!

7. I have a soft spot for sour gummy worms.

Newest Item today! It’s another computer circuitry pendant but this one has a bit more yellow in it than the others!

Here goes the tagging!
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kim* said...

yay for you! :)

Piggy said...

Great article and sharing about yourself! I can so agree with making nests in my carpet and being messy! :D

Anonymous said...

I love this pendant...nice work.

jacker said...

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