Thursday, January 08, 2009

Next Surge of Circuitboard Pendants

I finally had a little bit of time between the crazy holidays and writing my paper about polymer-clay nanocomposites and Eutectic Mixtures for use as Phase Change Materials to make some new items! Haha that was an interesting paper. Anyway, my super secret sources of old computer parts have equipped me with way more than I can currently handle, but it gives me options. My dad brough home (oops now you know...) a really cool board that has blue spots all over it. I can't wait to use it because it has some interest other than just green lines! The new pendants I have are in cool bezels and contain parts from computers and calculators.

Although my other explorations don't involve computer parts, I still think they are neat! I have dug into my extensive stash of sprinkles and have begun making the sprinkle pendants. I've been meaning to for a very long time now. I have dolphins, palm trees, stars, hearts, turtles, cars, cows, sticks, lips, bears, dinosaurs, and all sorts of other creatures and shapes. Yay!


Karrie said...

These are really neat! Good luck to you with everything.

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