Saturday, January 17, 2009

My First Car Accident

As the title suggests, I was in my first car accident Wednesday. It was nothing major. The guy behind me hit a patch of ice (he hit it faster than I did) and he rear-ended me. It made the weirdest noise, like something was being ripped off my car. He left a bit of a dent in my trunk. Here's the sucky part; if I owned the car, I wouldn't care and just say don't worry about it. However, it's a lease so I have to get it fixed. Oh well. They guy who hit me (who happens to live in the same apartment complex as me and is pretty much the same major as me) was very nice and took the blame for the incident.

Now I have to go get it fixed. Hopefully it won't take more than a few hours. If it takes more than a day I'll need a rental to get to class BUT I'm only 20 so I don't know how well that will go over.

On a side note, I listed a new pendant! It's a bit different that what I've been making lately but I love things in rainbows!


Softpencil said...

Nice pendant! Glad you´re well :)

Hollymark said...

Well that sucks! But at least you're okay, and he's taking responsibility for it. I like the pendant too!

Almay Alday said...

Glad to hear you're okay! I was in a car accident twice in one month last year! Not fun at all! Beautiful pendant!

KrazyFashion said...

Awww I am sorry to hear about the accident. It is just great that you didn't get hurt!
I absolutely love that new pendant by the way! It is a very sleek and unique piece. :D

Sara Libbey's Jewelry said...

Glad to hear your are okay. very cool pendant!

Gabriel Girl said...

Well, it could have been much worse. Glad you're okay! And the pendant is FABULOUS!!

By the way, you've been tagged!

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In My Head Studios said...

Glad all is mostly well. These roads have been bad for driving because it is so cold. The salt does not work!

splendid said...

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